Welcome To

Palm Beach, North End

The North End offers immaculate homes and a relaxed, island lifestyle.

Welcome to Palm Beach, North End

Relaxed lifestyle with the widest beaches on the island

At a Glance:

  • Laid-back living

  • Excellent country clubs

  • Outdoor activities

  • Larger lots & new construction homes

  • Streets with private cabanas

What to Expect

Known as the quieter, more private part of the island, the North End offers immaculate homes and a relaxed, island lifestyle.

The Lifestyle

In the heart the north end lies a number of luxurious members-only clubs, including Palm Beach Country Club, Sailfish Club, and The Beach Club. From family-friendly boating opportunities to romantic spa treatments to on-site bars and restaurants, these clubs offer an all-inclusive getaway in your own backyard. Intracoastal homes on the north end offer riparian rights with deepwater docks that can accommodate large yachts. These homes are minutes from the Palm Beach Inlet and world class fishing. Residents can enjoy breathtaking views from the numerous docks and beach cabanas throughout the North End as well. If getting active is more your speed, there are also chances for outdoor recreation. The Palm Beach Bike Trail stretches through the North End, providing residents with a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy.

The Market

The area serves a wide range of price points, with a mix of large oceanfront estates and smaller homes. The beaches of the North End are beautiful, many of them house elaborate, tropical beach cabanas perfect for oceanfront entertaining. However, single-family homes comprise the majority of properties on the North End, and the area remains less traveled, creating an almost suburban area compared to the central parts of the island. This makes it the perfect place for families that prefer to escape the hustle bustle of town.

You'll Fall in Love With

The clear blue water due to the proximity of the gulf stream and ability to breathtaking sunsets and tropical surroundings and nature. The widest beaches on the Island, beach access points up and down the coast and private beach cabanas to ocean front homes as well as exclusive street private cabanas on many North End streets. The aforementioned Palm Beach Bike Trail is a local favorite, stretching from the middle of the island up to its northern tip. The trail runs along the lake, providing great panoramas and many outdoor activities.

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